Your website may use the Terms and Conditions given below. The terms "We" / "Us" / "Our"/”Source and Gift” individually and collectively refer to Source and Gift and the terms "Visitor” ”User” refer to the customers and users.

This is the page to specify the Terms and the Conditions following which you or the visitor may take a view of the website. For this you need to go through the page carefully. In case, you are not agreeing to the Terms and Condition then you are requested to leave the page. In case of any business and the various business divisions and also the group of subsidiaries and even the associate companies or the subsidiaries in case of the investing companies both in India or in other global regions will preserve the respective rights for the perfect revising of the Terms and Conditions and for the reason it is necessary to update the post.

One should visit the page on periodic basis in border to reappraise oneself based on the Terms and Conditions because they are bringing the users under one Website.


All the brands, logos, labels, market headings, signatures, names, shapes, numerals, or the set of combinations which you can see on the site. These can be otherwise called properties and these are assets either personally owned or they are being used under the license by the business holder or the associate entity who is sure to have the best feature on the specific Website.


(A) Security Rules the visitors are not allowed to violate or try to violate the security factors of the website. This will include without the limitation

  • (1) the unintended assessing of the data in case of the user who would like to log in within the server or the specific account to which the user does not have the authorization or the access.
  • (2) Moreover, an attempt should be made to probe or scan or even test the genuineness of the specific system or the sort of network and this can help in breaching the security or the reality measures with the help of apt authorization.
  • (3) An attempt is made to interfere in case of service of the user and also in matters of the host or the network and without the limit this will include the submission of the virus or the ‘Trojan Horse’ in case of the Website which is sure to overload concepts like ‘mail bombing’, ‘flooding’ and even ‘crashing’.
  • (4) Delivering of the unsolicited electronic based mail and this will include the advertisements and the promotions of the set of services and products. In case the system is violated or there is violation in case of network security then this can lead to criminal or civil liability. There are business or associate entities and thyey have the legal allowance to cause investigation once they have doubt in case of involvement of the violations along with the cooperate and the law enforcing authorities in trying to prosecute the users who have involvement in the various violations.

(B) General Rules visitors will not make use of the Website for the transmission and distribution and even storing and destroying of the material.

  • (a) This will help in constituting or encouraging the sort of conduct and this should be considered like the criminal offence and this can help in violating the applicable law or the specific regulation.
  • (b) This is the way things can infringe the way the copyright, the trademark or the trading secret and even in matters of the intellectual property rights and the rest.
  • (c) In this case, things are libelous and come with the rest of the features like insulting, pornographic, blasphemous, obscene, menacing, offensive or detestable.

      The user will agree that neither the Source and Gift and nor the proprietor, the employees or the officers will remain liable for the sort of direct or the indirect, the subsidiary or the unusual and even the substantial or the consummate damages.

      However, this can result from the usage and even the inability to make use of the service and even in case of the procurement cost in matters of the substitute goods or the data or the information or even the set of the services which are being purchase and those which are obtainable and even in case of the received messages or the sort of transaction which is made to enter through the source of the service and this will result from the unauthorized access and there is alteration of the user transmission and even in case of the data and even the ethereal and this is made to happen even in case of the Source or the Gift are saved from possible damages.

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