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Your website may use the Privacy Policy given below:

The Privacy Policy is the sort of electronic recording and this comes in the form of electronic contract and things are formed under the Act of Information Technology of the year 2000 and the rules which are made under the same like the electronic documents or the various records in case of several statutes and these are amended by the Act of Information Technology of the year 2000. The Privacy Policy is not in need of any sort of physiological, digital or the electronic signature.

The sort of Privacy Policy has the perfect legal binding in case of the document between you the person and the customer. Both of the terms are perfectly defined below. You have various terms in case of the Privacy Policy and this can become effective once things are accepted based on the same both directly or indirectly and for this you just have to click on the I accept button and the usage of the website by the rest of the means. In the process, there is perfect governing of the relationship in case of you and the customer and now you can perfectly make use of the “Website” as defined below.

The document is highly published and the same is constructed according to the provisions and the options of Information Technology. There are perfect security practices and the set of methods in case of the insightful personal information. Things will require the publishing of the Privacy Policy for the reason of collection, usage, storage and transferring of the preferred data.

By giving us your personal details or by making the most of the provisions being delivered by the Website you can give the consent for the storage or the collection or even for the processing or transferring of the massive personal data and even the non personal data as being specified and considered by the Privacy Policy.


In order to get in hand the various services mentioned on the Websites, the users are in need to provide with several data for the reason of registration and these include the name, the address and the PIN code. However, the information is being given mostly by the group of users for the reason to cause improvement of the sites and also to help with the most perfect and amiable experience.

All the given information will depend on the service and we can make the perfect use of the above mentioned data for the protection and the improvement of the set of services. This also includes the set of the advertising related services. However, things may seem helpful for the development of the new set of services.

The specific data is not considered to be sensitive at the time when it is available and even accessible by means of the public domain and certain things are furnished as part of the Right to Information Act of the year 2005 or in case of any implemented law.


In order to standardize the responsiveness of the websites of the user one can make use of the “cookies” and can even utilize the perfect electronic tools for the collection of the information and assigning of the same uniquely to the visitor and there is the random number which is used on the basis of the User Identification and this is also known as User ID. This will help in understanding the personal and the individual interests of the user and this is done by making use of the Identified Computer.

The website servers will help in the automatic collection of the limited data regarding the connectivity of the computer to the internet and this will include the IP address at the time of visiting the site. The IP address will not help you get identified personally. The information is used in order to deliver the web pages based on the personal request and this is done in order to shape the site based on the interest of the user and also to measure the traffic as part of the website.


we have the set of policies and this can disclose the several private practices in case of the individual website. The personal site will help with the links to the rest of the websites and these are beyond human control. Thus, we remain in no way responsible in case of the usage of the sites.


we are ready to share the sensitive personal data to the third party user without the obtaining of the perfect consent in case of the user in the mentioned circumstances.

  • (a) It may be needed by the law under the regulation of the court or the governmental agency in case of the authority for disclosing the purpose of making the verification or the identification or even for the detection, prevention or investigation and this includes the various cyber occurrences and even to punish or prosecute the guilty.
  • (b) We make proposals for the sharing of the data collectively within the companies and the officers and even the employees of the group of the companies for the reason of processing the personal data based on the same. Here one can ensure that the recipients of the data can well agree to the methods and these are data based on the set of instructions and this can go well with the Privacy Policy and the rest of the confidential and the secured measures.


We believe in following the apt security options in order to protect the unauthorized accessing and even the unauthorized alteration in matters of disclosing or the destruction of the data. These will include the inherent reviews in matters of data collection and data storage and even in case of processing of the practices and even the set of the security measures. However, things will help in guarding against the unauthorized accessing in matters of the systems in case of the storage of the private data.

The set of information being collected on the site is perfectly secured and stored as part of the controlled database. This database is being stored in case of the secured servers and this is made to stand behind the firewall. To access the server one has to make use of the password and this comes within strict limitation.

In this case, the security measures are highly effective and the security method cannot impenetrate. One cannot guarantee the security system of the database nor can one consider the interception of the supplied information and this is transmitted over the net. At the same time, any data that is being included in the posting and as part of the discussion is perfectly available to the user of the internet.

Grievance Redressal

Redressal Mechanism: Any sort of reporting being done in case of the abuses and the concerns and this has got to do with the content or the comment in case of breaching the terms and in this case things are instantly informed to the source of the appointed Grievance Officer and this is mentioned just under the writing and even through the signed email along with the electronic signature to................(“Grievance Officer”).

Mr D.K Sharma. (Grievance Officer)

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